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Make leather last

A classic leather garment is a long-term investment and set to remain chic for seasons and years ahead. With the right care, leather can stay soft and supple for longer and even improve with age. A little wear looks great, as long as your leather gets the love it deserves every so often. As they are natural materials, it’s important to keep leather and suede away from humidity, heat or chemicals – you should also condition your pieces once in a while to keep them smooth.

To get rid of light stains, simply wipe the garment with a slightly damp cloth and remember that leather and suede should always be air-dried at normal room temperature. Otherwise, we recommend that leather is taken to a specialist leather dry cleaner.

Sneaker saviours

Start by raiding your kitchen for some baking soda and mix with a little water to create a paste. Use a small brush (a toothbrush works great) to scrub the paste onto stains or discoloured parts on your sneakers. Wipe off with cloth or towel. Repeat for really stubborn stains.

Our home remedies don’t stop there. Baking soda can also help to neutralise odour. As a refresher, sprinkle a little inside your sneakers at night and empty them in the morning.

Wardrobe cleanse

Rediscover forgotten treasures and give your wardrobe a fresh start by going through it. Give the things you never wear a new life by swapping with friends, resell, donate or pass along to a recycling initiative.

Seasonal storing is a great way to get some wardrobe rotation. Just make sure everything is clean without stains before packing it away. Lavender and cedarwood are classic storage companions for a reason, use them to keep unwanted guests away.

Scarves make excellent Furoshiki style dust bags to tuck away your shoes or handbags safely. Also, a nice detail is to spray a cotton pad with your favourite scent and leave in your bag between uses.

It’s time to edit and organise.

Scarves make excellent Furoshiki style dust bags to tuck away your shoes or handbags safely. Also, a nice detail is to spray a cotton pad with your favourite scent and leave in your bag between uses.

Laundry day

Opt for a fluid detergent that not only cleanses, but also conditions the laundry. Our Delicate Detergent will do the job while also strengthening the fabric fibres, you’re welcome!

Skip the fabric softener and tumble dryer. These ones are, unfortunately, no friend of fabrics or the environment. Once the machine has stopped, just shake out the garments and lay them flat to dry.

Is your viscose t-shirt fitting a bit snug after laundry? Try gently ironing it when wet, and voilà. Fabrics such as cotton and viscose will often regain their original shape with a little help.

Dear delicates

Airing is caring. Very often, simply leaving your go-to dress outside on a hanger for a few hours does the trick. Our very own Fabric Spray is also a handy tool for keeping your clothes fresh between launderings. Just spritz away to postpone laundry day.

Experiencing a stain-on-silk-shirt type of situation? Try using a gentle (and ecological) baby wipe. It’s a safe way to keep the dry cleaning bills to a minimum. Make sure to test on a small area first

Bag it up. Store your delicates in a bag separate from the rest of your laundry – the best way to avoid an unfortunate mix-up. Oh, and make sure to use a mesh laundry bag for your most precious pieces.

Hacks for your most precious pieces.

Beauty cabinet

Not sure when to retire a beauty product? Check the open jar symbol on the label (it tells you how long after opening the product is good for) and write down the date you opened it somewhere on the packaging.

Give your top shelf a cleanse.

Clean your make-up brushes regularly to avoid bacteria but also to extend the life of the bristles. Go for a mild soap or shampoo, keep the brush facing down to avoid getting soap and water into the shaft and let them air dry laying down.

Sometimes we change our minds about a fragrance or product, but don’t let it go to waste. Swap with a friend and discover new favourites along the way.