Size guide / Lingerie


Band size

The number in the bra size refers to your rib cage measurement in cm. Measure your rib cage immediately under your bust making sure the tape feels firm and round off to the nearest size. For example, if you measure 72 cm then your size is 70. You can use the size converter below to convert between EUR and Italian sizes.

Cup size

The letter in the size refers to the cup. If you have tried a size 75B and the cup feels too small, try a 75C instead. The band is the same but the cup is a size big.


Bra size converter

70A 32A 85A 2A
75A 34A 90A 3A
80A 36A 95A 4A
70B 32B 85B 2B
75B 34B 90B 3B
80B 36B 95B 4B
70C 32C 85C 2C
75C 34C 90C 3C
80C 36C 95C 4C