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Our soundtrack for autumn consists of covers with a conscience, all courtesy of Sandra Andreis. For her debut EP Raising My Standards, Sandra has rewritten lines in five classic songs, including The Lady is a Tramp, with the intent to change their context and make these jazz standards empowering for women of today.

Together we’ve created a fashion story that revolves around Sandra’s message and how to take something you love and make it your own.


“A champ is someone who dares to be herself, who supports other women and stands up for what
she loves.”

“Every time I claim my own space, I step into my power.”

Sheer Mesh Ruffle Tier Midi Dress Sheer Mesh Ruffle Tier Midi Dress

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$129 $96
Wool Blend Box Pleated Trousers Wool Blend Box Pleated Trousers

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$129 $89
Oversized Single Button Coat Oversized Single Button Coat

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$249 $86
Gathered Slouch Leather Boots Gathered Slouch Leather Boots

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$279 $249