Introducing NATIVARegen™ - Regenerative Wool

By 2025, we aim to have all our virgin wool certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), a standard that verifies wool fiber animal welfare and land management requirements and tracks it from farm to final product.

In addition to the RWS certification, we want to secure that the wool we source is also produced using regenerative agricultural practices that help to improve soil health, enhance livelihoods and ecosystems.

We have teamed up with Nativa to source our regenerative wool: NATIVARegen™

About NATIVARegen™

The NATIVA™ Regenerative Agriculture Program improves the quality of the soil - resulting in natural nutrients, cleaner water and an overall healthier habitat that restores natural biodiversity at farm level.

Being committed to using NATIVARegen™ wool for our garments, we take part in the program’s implementation, supporting farmers and claiming a double NATIVA™ + RWS certification that guarantees sustainable practices from farm to finished garment.


A proud brand of the French 150-year-old Chargeurs Group, NATIVA™ brings nature-focused solutions to brands and supply chain partners, centered in 100% traceable wool backed by Blockchain technology.

NATIVA™ sources the finest Merino wool from farmers in Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand and The United States.

With a global presence yet a place-based approach, the brand has worked closely with farmers to create the NATIVA Protocol, an extensive document that certifies the sustainability of wool based on three key pillars: animals, people and planet.