Free standard shipping on all orders until February 11.
Free standard shipping on all orders until February 11.
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Savour the seasonal magic with our in-store happenings.
Come by and check out our holiday pop-up shops, celebration stations, and so much more!

Here’s what’s on:

Furoshiki gift-wrapping

Discover the art of furoshiki gift-wrapping. Re-using our fabrics, we’ll gladly wrap your Stories presents in the traditional Japanese fashion.

London, Regent Street
December 14-15

Stockholm, Biblioteksgatan
December 19-20

Berlin, Mitte
December 20-21

Copenhagen, Amagertorv
London, Spitalfields
Paris, Marais
December 21-22

New York, Bryant Park
December 21-22

New York, Soho
December 21-22

Winter wreaths

Find festive decorations at our wreath pop-up shop, and let these handmade holiday trimmings immerse you in seasonal scents of fir, pine and eucalyptus. Available for pre-order and purchase.

Paris, Marais - Les Herbes Hautes
December 5-8

Dublin - The Garden
Leeds - The Plant Room
London, Kings Cross - B O T A N Y
London, Spitalfields - Athlyn
Manchester - BLOOM HQ
December 7-8

Stockholm, Biblioteksgatan - Madeleines Trädgård
December 5-8

Milan - Green Wise Italy
December 11-15

Embroidered treasures

Add a personal touch with a complimentary embroidery. With any Stories purchase, you’re welcome to swing by our stitching station and we’ll adorn your piece with something special.

Amsterdam - De Steek
December 13-15

Berlin, Mitte - Staff talent Gabrielle
December 12-14

Bologna - Staff talent Debora
December 7-8

Hamburg, Neuer Wall - See me Stitch
December 5

Hamburg, Spitalerstrasse - See me Stitch
December 4

Milan - Made in Drina
December 6-8

Paris, Marais - Seize Paris
December 13-15

Ceramics station

Pottery pieces make perfect presents. Discover one-of-a-kind ceramics, handcrafted by local artists.

Frankfurt - Viola Beuscher
Göteborg - Art & Flora and Elin Frodig
December 13-14