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Once the creative home of the Californian music scene in the late '60s and early '70s, the leafy hills of Laurel Canyon still echo from the enchanted era. Just like some significant song weavers before her, CHASE COHL came here driven by her passion, to unleash her honest feelings through music.

Chase is a fellow storyteller whose words about love and life’s silver linings, delivered in a soft sun-drenched voice, resonates something deep within our souls.

We got together for tea and talks up in her folksy cabin, and brought along an analogue camera to capture this standard-bearer of Laurel Canyon’s legacy.

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Chase Cohl

"Laurel Canyon has a wild musical history. There’s something storybook-esque in the land up here. It’s a little isolated, a little haunted, very green, with windy roads. A little bit of magic."

Chase Cohl Chase Cohl
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