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A styling story by the Venturini sisters

“We admire women who dress differently, with a sense of humour and a disregard for the standard rules of anything.”

A styling story by the Venturini sisters A styling story by the Venturini sisters

This trailblazing sister act knows how to merge streetwear with high fashion – a trait Camilla and Giulia Venturini have made into their trademark as avant-garde designers of their own arty luxe bag brand. Aligned with their non-conformist outlook and unique underground references, the twins have selected and styled their favourite designs from our Stockholm atelier. Serving us with an androgynous silhouette, where ladylike leopard-print meets boxy boyish blazers and utilitarian accents, their styling story encapsulates the buzzing new energy of today’s Milan.


Jaguar Print Midi Skirt Jaguar Print Midi Skirt
690 SEK 207 SEK
Cat Eye Sunglasses Cat Eye Sunglasses
290 SEK
Mesh Jaguar Midi Dress Mesh Jaguar Midi Dress
690 SEK 207 SEK
Jaguar Printed Mesh Top Jaguar Printed Mesh Top
290 SEK 87 SEK
Oversized Corduroy Workwear Shirt Oversized Corduroy Workwear Shirt
890 SEK
Nylon Bucket Hat Nylon Bucket Hat
250 SEK
Cropped Cotton Twill Jacket Cropped Cotton Twill Jacket
790 SEK
Cotton Workwear Mini Skirt Cotton Workwear Mini Skirt
590 SEK 413 SEK
Cropped Leggings Cropped Leggings
390 SEK 234 SEK
Jaguar Print Cotton Workwear Jacket Jaguar Print Cotton Workwear Jacket
990 SEK 297 SEK
Suede Snow Boots Suede Snow Boots
1450 SEK 870 SEK
Oversized Corduroy Jacket Oversized Corduroy Jacket
1300 SEK 998 SEK
Stretch Cotton Jaguar Leggings Stretch Cotton Jaguar Leggings
390 SEK 195 SEK
Mock Neck Tee Mock Neck Tee
290 SEK