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The wrap dress

Easy, elegant and sensual at the same time. The versatile wrap dress is a true closet classic.

Sleeveless Wrap Dress Sleeveless Wrap Dress
Square Toe Woven Heels Square Toe Woven Heels
Tie Frill Dress Tie Frill Dress
Duo Ring Earrings Duo Ring Earrings
Sleeveless Wrap Dress Sleeveless Wrap Dress
Cat Eye Sunglasses Cat Eye Sunglasses
Linen Blend Wrap Dress Linen Blend Wrap Dress
Knotted Heeled Sandals Knotted Heeled Sandals
Wrap Dress Wrap Dress
Lipstick Lipstick
O-Ring Belted Midi Dress O-Ring Belted Midi Dress
Woven Straw Bag Woven Straw Bag