Working in store

Our stores are meant to inspire and be a welcoming, creative environment. By giving guidance and being accessible we make it easy to shop and provide everything the customers need to create their personal style or story.

Store Manager

As a Store Manager you’ll need an inspirational and motivating leadership approach that enables growth. Sales driven core along with fashion knowledge is needed as well as the ability to encourage employees to create an inspirational shopping experience for the customers. You also have the business skills needed to reach challenging goals.

Store manager & Other Stories

Department Manager

As a Department Manager a motivating leadership approach that enables growth is important. A service minded core is behind the inspiring shopping experience you are able to create for the customers. You drive business with a strong fashion awareness that puts a magic touch on the sales results.

Department manager & Other Stories

Store Controller

As a Store Controller a motivating leadership approach that enables growth is important. You have the ability to work in an ever-changing environment with a flow of new collections and customers. This job requires a people person with an equal love for numbers and sales combined with fashion awareness and analytical abilities.

Visual Merchandiser

As a Visual Merchandiser you have a motivating leadership approach that enables growth, a love for fashion, great eye for styling and details. For this job you need the ability to drive sales and inspire customers through in-store and window presentations of products that become new must-have pieces.

Visual merchandiserr & Other Stories

Sales Advisor

A Sales Advisor needs a service minded heart to take excellent care of the customers. For this role you need to know your fashion and sales, give styling advice when needed and be a part of an overall inspiring shopping experience. You have a willingness to learn and grow within the company.