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All our sunglasses have UV filter which offers 100% UV protection (both UVA & UVB). This also applies to uncoloured lenses. All metal parts on our eyewear are also nickel tested.

The ability of the lens to transmit visual light, meaning how tinted the lens is, is divided into filter categories 0-3 for different usage. Please note that sunglasses are not intended for direct viewing of the sun, e.g. during solar eclipse.

Lens filter

0 Cloudy Uncoloured or slightly tinted Very faint sunshine
1 Partly cloudy Slightly tinted Faint sunshine
2 Sunny Moderately tinted General use
3 Very sunny Very tinted Intensive sunshine


Within our higher price range we are proud to offer frames made from cellulose acetate, which is considered the highest quality plastic material for eyewear. Derived from renewable resources, acetate is a hypoallergenic nylon-based material providing superior durability and flexibility while remaining lightweight. Each pair of acetate sunglasses is handcrafted with great attention to detail and the result is a high quality product with luxurious gloss.

Product care

To take good care of your sunglasses we recommend that you clean them with a soft, dry and lint free cloth and store them in a dust bag or eyewear case when not used to minimize the risk of impact damage.