Our summer capsule collection is an approach toward a circular future of fashion. Each piece is made using sustainably sourced materials and is designed to be styled and re-styled in seemingly endless ways.

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“In this capsule collection, we have carefully selected high-quality materials sourced in a sustainable way to use in our long-lasting designs.”


The design of the capsule collection is driven by a focus on longevity and versatility. One of the sustainable materials used is recycled silk made from cutting waste.

What do we mean when we talk about a circular design mindset?

One of our aims is for all our products to be designed for circularity by 2025. In short this means garments are designed to be used more, are made from sustainably sourced or recycled materials and are easier to recycle. This exclusive collection is the first result of us exploring the possibilities of circular design.

The collection has been developed using a circular design tool called Circulator. The styles have been created to last for several seasons and the pieces can be mixed and worn in many ways, so they can be used more. And why not try out new combinations together with what’s already in your wardrobe?

The longer and more often you wear your clothes, the better – keeping a product in use for longer is one of the most effective ways to reduce a product’s environmental impact. Therefore, we provide you with additional product care tips, so you can further extend the life of each beloved garment. On top of that, we have used standard trims in the products, which makes it easier to repair them.

Each piece in this collection, including trims, is made using sustainably sourced or recycled materials. We have also used sustainable processes like digital printing and plant-based dying for some items in the collection. Whenever possible we have chosen a mono-material approach to make it easier to recycle once the garment has lived its life to the fullest. Sometimes, however, we need to use material blends to make garments sturdier, so they last longer.

We are excited about having taken this step on our journey towards a more circular future of fashion. We hope you love the collection as much as we do!

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