Report a scam

Did you spot or are you a potential victim of what could be a scam, a suspect social media account, website, app or similar—using any of our brand logotypes, images or other intellectual properties? 

Here is some guidance to help you recognize if you’re dealing with a scam:

If you’re contacted over email, please verify if the sender has an official & Other Stories email address. If you’re unsure, contact us and we can confirm if the sender is verified or not. 

Is the social media account you suspect verified or not? Verified accounts and pages have a checkmark to show they’re authentic.

Unless concerning your online purchase on, we will never ask you to pay anything to take part in any competition, raffle or program or similar. 

Have you spotted an activity that you suspect to be a scam? Please report it to us. When reporting a suspected scam, please provide the URL connected to the website, if you are contacted through email please provide the original email as an attachment.

If you’re a suspected victim of a scam, we strongly recommend you report it to your local police authority.

We are here to support and guide you! Please get in touch with our Customer Service team.