An Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor takeover

“We live in a social-media heavy world that at times can feel so fake and isolating. It’s my obligation to use my platform to create something honest, not to mislead people.”


An Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor takeover An Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor takeover

Atlanta is Over It

Tired of the false realities she saw on social media, Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor created, I’m Over It, a podcast that engages with inspiring women while promoting a message of positivity.

Atlanta’s keen sense of awareness and unwavering ability to take a stance allows for in-depth interviews, giving listeners a chance for a new perspective. The model and activist uses her platform for open discussions, inviting her guests to share their stories and personal struggles, often taking on topics such as mental health awareness and the importance of self-care.

We invited Atlanta to host an episode of her podcast at our Los Angeles atelier. Listen to the live recording as she interviews a panel of three amazing ladies: Erica Chidi Cohen, doula, author, and CEO of Loom; Kat Collings, Editor-in-Chief of Who What Wear; and Tera Uhlinger, Program Director of Sexy Beast L.A. and brand strategist.