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Celebrating Pride 2022

Celebrating Pride 2022

To celebrate Pride all summer long, we’ve invited five creatives from five cities to show their work in five of our stores.

Meet Yasha, Djamila, ShayShay, Stella, and Hanna, as they share their perspectives on re-envisioning the world through art, existence, and style.

Yasha Lelonek
Soho store, New York
June 20–27

Yasha Lelonek is a New York-based actress, filmmaker and fine artist. In 2021, while in quarantine, she documented her transition and her life as a trans woman in her series, Transition Diaries Vol 1.

“I’m very proud of where I come from and who I am. And I love every part of myself. And I want that to be exuded in the way that I present myself to the world.”


Djamila Imani
Le Marais store, Paris
June 20–27

Djamila Imani is a multidisciplinary artist, model and performer from Paris. She refers to herself as a chameleon, where her art and drawings portray the plurality of feminine identity. In the way she dresses, she creates her own definitions of clothes and style, building her own gender-fluid fashion landscape.

“Femininity for me is not about being born as a woman. It’s about strength, bravery, wisdom, and a way to be more aware of who you are and what you want to say about yourself. As gender-fluid, I also embrace feminity, just like masculinity."


ShayShay Konno
Regent St store, London
July 11–18

ShayShay is a writer, director and co-founder of the Pan-Asian cabaret collective The Bitten Peach, whose mission is to empower the queer Asian community by providing safe spaces, diversifying Asian representation, and educating non-Asians on racial issues.

“What I wear has been so important to me since I came out for the first time as queer. Instead of trying to blend in, I started to stand out.”


Stella Zekri
Kurfürstendamm store, Berlin
July 25–August 1

Stella Zekri is a Berlin-based French DJ and singer known for her genre-defying and wide-ranging sets. As the co-founder of the expansive club Body Language, she’s passionately involved in creating queer spaces in the Berlin nightlife scene. This June, she’s releasing her debut EP Détends - toi.

“I had a moment when moving to Berlin and discovering my queerness and the queer community where I managed to feel freer and more expressive in how I dress and express myself.”


Hanna Kisch
Biblioteksgatan store, Stockholm
August 1–8

Hanna Kisch is a costume designer, artist, and stylist based in Stockholm. Her art and her creative expression explore the idea of femininity and the picture of femininity as sweet but at the same time dangerous when it becomes ‘too much’.

“The queer community is my family, my playground, my school, and where I got my politics. To have a community as a young queer person is a gift; it shaped me and gave me strength.”


“At & Other Stories, we believe that sharing stories from diverse perspectives helps us grow and learn. We’re proud to celebrate Pride together with five amazing artists from the LGBTQIA+ community who, in their unique expressions, share their work with us. We’re constantly aiming to evolve as a company and expand our work in inclusion and diversity. Following our I&D plan, we keep on working with the community, listening, learning, and collaborating all year round, so everyone always feels safe and welcome at & Other Stories.”

Inclusion and Diversity at & Other Stories

For Pride 2022, we are donating to UN Human Rights’ global public information campaign for LGBTQI+ equality, the UN Free & Equal campaign. Get to know more at unfe.org.