Garment collecting

We’ll give your used garments a new purpose, pass them on in our stores.

How and where?

What happens next?

Our partners will sort every donation according to their condition with the purpose to keep its highest value, prioritizing reuse before recycling.

REUSE - garments that can be worn again are sold as second-hand clothes.

REPURPOSE & RECYCLE – old clothes and textiles that cannot be resold are repurposed or recycled into new products and fibers.

ENERGY RECOVERY – items that do not fit into the above categories are disposed of in other ways prioritizing incineration for energy production.

Across the industry, around 60% of collected textiles are resold and 35% repurposed or recycled. The remaining 5% are disposed of, prioritizing incineration to recovery energy.

Our collecting and sorting partners (Looper Textile Co. for Europe), Remondis (outside of Europe as well as local partners in China, Japan, and India) collect the garments and transport them to a certified sorting or recycling facility among their networks.

How to recycle packaging?

Separate waste collection. Check your local municipal guidelines.
Italy: Raccolta differenziata. Verifica le disposizioni del tuo Comune.