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Size guide doll

A: Chest

Measure your chest around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra that fits well.

B: Under bust

Measure your ribcage immediately under your bust, making sure the tape feels firm.

C: Waist

Measure the narrowest part of your waistline.

D: Hip

Measure the fullest part of your hips.

E: Inside leg length

Measure from the top of your inside leg to the floor.

Why have you decided to change your sizing?
We are always listening to your wishes and want you to have a great customer experience. After hearing your feedback about our sizes, we decided to update our clothing according to North American size standards.

How does the sizing update affect my online order?
During a transition period we will sell garments labelled with either old or new sizing. You might receive an item labelled with a different size than the one you ordered, but the measurements will match the size you requested. For further clarification, check out our new size guide on stories.com.

Will jeans be affected by this size change?
Jeans are not affected by this change, as they are made based on inch waist measurement. This is the industry standard on denim sizing.

Will shoe sizes be affected?
Shoes will not be affected by this change.

You have started stocking a size 0, why?
Size 0 will have the same measurements as the previous size 2. We have added a size 0 in order to maintain the same measurements and sizing availability for our customers.

Has & Other Stories extended their sizes as well?
Customers who used to go for a size 12 would now purchase a size 10. We are working on offering a true size 12 in the future.

What efforts has & Other Stories made to alert customers about the sizing change?
●  Size guides will be updated with the new size measurements.
●  Information inserts have been added to online packages explaining our new size curve.

What about the return policy during this phase?
Our return policy remains as it is today. To us, no order is complete until you are fully satisfied, this is why we make returns FREE and easy. If something isn’t quite right, you have 30 days to return. We’ll give you a full refund by the same method you used to pay.

Do you have plans to update your sizing in any other departments in the future?
We are evaluating our entire size range offer for the future. We will prepare for next year by continue listening to your feedback.


Size guide / Clothing


XS 0-2 32-34
S 4-6 36-38
M 8-10 40-42
L 12-14 44-46    


Body measurements in inches

Size Bust Waist
XXS 30 23½
XS 31½ 25
S 33-34½ 26¾-28½
M 36¼-37¾ 30-31½
L 39½-41 33-34½
Size Inches
34 25”
36 26”-27”
38 28”-29"
40 30”
42 31”
US Foot length (in)
6.5 9 ¼
7 9 ½
8 9 ¾
9 10
9.5 10 ¼
10 10 ½


US Foot length (in)
5.5 8 7/8
6 9
6.5 9 1/8
7 9 3/8
7.5 9 ½
8 9 5/8
8.5 9 7/8
9 10
9.5 10 1/8

Size US Waist (in)
XS 2-4 25¼
S 6-8 26¾-28¼
M 10-12 29.9-31½
L 14 33

Circular rings

Size Inside diameter
S 16.5 mm
M 17.8 mm
L 19.1 mm

Stiff bracelets

Size Inside diameter 
XS/S 2½ in
M/L 2¾ in

Soft bracelets

Size Inside circumference
XS/S 7 in
M/L 7¾ in


Band size

The number in the bra size refers to your rib cage measurement in inches. Measure your rib cage immediately under your bust making sure the tape feels firm and add 5” if it’s an odd number or 6” if it’s an even number. For example, if you measure 27”, add 5 and your size is 32. Then you can use the size converter above to find your EUR size – in this example it would be 70.

Cup size

The letter in the size refers to the cup. If you have tried a size 34B and the cup feels too small, try a 34C instead. The band is the same but the cup is a size bigger.


Bra size converter

70A 32A
75A 34A
80A 36A
70B 32B
75B 34B
80B 36B
70C 32C
75C 34C
80C 36C