“My collections are like my diary.”

These are the words of Minju Kim, the South Korean designer of her namesake fashion brand, who is the dreamweaver of this joyous and utterly unique co-lab.

Discover dresses and separates, defined by free-flowing feminine silhouettes and adorable details. Each piece of the co-lab collection is a treasure with its own stories to tell.

Everything Pink Cream Blush

Colors (3)

Pointed Slingback Pumps

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“I fuse my memories and dreams into fashion, letting them unfold as sartorial stories tinted by my emotions.”


“This collection started with ’a moon garden daydream’ and drawings of imaginary plants in the universe. Shapes of leaves lent inspiration to the silhouettes. For the prints, I put flowers and greenery over classic stripes, creating an entirely new stripe print.”

”I think every woman has diverse aspects and characters within herself. I hope my designs can encourage her to reveal ‘another me’ or a beautiful new facet of her personality. To help her awaken that powerful energy is my mission.”