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Returns and refund

To us, no order is complete until you are fully satisfied, this is why if something isn’t quite right, you have 30 days to return. 

All returns via pick-up point/post have a cost of 4 CHF that will be deducted from the total refunded amount. We’ll give you a refund by the same method you used to pay, and we ask that items are returned clean, unworn and have all their tags on. 

In order to process the refund faster, we kindly ask you to fill the return form  you received in your package (in case you did not receive it click HERE and download it) and include it in your return box. 
Also remember to put the self-adhesive return label on the outside of your box.
On the original packaging put the pre-printed return label and inside of it the return form filled in with the return code for the item or items your are sending back.

Once you have done so, you can:
Drop off your package at your local Post Office or MYPost24 point. HERE you will find the nearest one.

If you register with Swiss Post, you can choose a date for the carrier to pick up your package.  You can clik HERE and book an appointment. The pick up option is available between 7:30 and 17:00. 

RETURNS WITH UPS- express orders:
Register your return on UPS.COM, print a new return label and plan a pickup.

Register your return by clicking HERE and then bring your return package to the nearest UPS Access Point. Once so, UPS will create a collection receipt with a tracking number you might use to follow the journey of your return.

Click HERE and schedule an appointment with the carrier who will pick up your parcel. In doing so, you will also get a return label you can print.

Simply scan the QR code you will find in the parcel and you will be re directed to QUICKPACK.CH and the order number will be filled in.

In order to process the return our warehouse may require up to 14 days since you made the return.
You will receive an email as confirmation just when the refund will be processed.
You will receive the refund on the same payment method you chose pacind the order.

Card Payment Klarna - Once your refund has been processed, it will be visible in your bank account within 10 days (although it’s normally much quicker than this).​

Paid with Pay Later - Klarna will provide your new Pay Later balance once your return is processed. This will include instructions on how to make a payment and details of any remaining balance.

PayPal - Your refund will be processed as soon as our warehouse receives your return. PayPal will send you a separate email confirming this.​If you haven't received your return or refund confirmation from us, please get in touch here.

Remember you can speak to Klarna directly for any Card or Pay Later help.​

Simply click here to print another. Remember to fill in all your order details.​

Return with Swisspost       
If you are missing the self-adhesive return label included in your parcel, please contact our Customer service.   

Returns with UPS – Express orders                                
Visit UPS.com on our homepage to register your free return, print a new return label, and schedule a pickup. (or drop in a UPS shop)            

Return with Quickpac - Express Orders
There will be a return instruction in the parcel where you can scan a QR code, then you will be directed to QuickPac return site (myquickpac.ch) and the order number will be filled in.     

About dangerous goods
Although fashion is meant to be available for everyone, some of our cosmetics classified as dangerous goods can’t be delivered to all locations due to transportation restrictions. E.g. nail polish, certain perfumes and nail polish removers as well as pressurised spray cans. At the same time, all our beauty items are tested to ensure that they are safe to use.

This label is used to inform the carrier that the package contains flammable substances and has special transportation requirements.

How to return dangerous goods
If you wish to return or exchange items containing flammable substances, you need to be aware that there are special transportation requirements.

Please follow these steps:

  1. The product must be packed in a box with the LQ Dangerous goods label attached. If you use the original box, then the label is already attached. If you use a different box or the label is damaged, you need to print a new one.
  2. Fill the box with paper or filler so that the product sits securely.
  3. Follow the normal return and exchange procedure on your delivery note.

Please note, if you are making a return WITHOUT any dangerous goods, you must remove the LQ Dangerous goods label from the box.

If you are missing the self-adhesive return label found on the Delivery note, please contact our Customer service.