Susan Fang
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Dreams Unleashed

Discover the extraordinary as we unveil our co-lab collection with Susan Fang, the celebrated designer who has caught the fashion world by storm. Immerse yourself in a collection of dream-woven creations, where each piece is full of stories.

“It’s a collection that ties nature, dreams and surrealism together through fashion.”


Each collection created by Susan Fang weaves together innovative textiles, vibrant colours and distinctive silhouettes, resulting in garments and accessories of true artistic originality.

Women in white dress

“The necklace came from a dream I had about a transparent flower. I don't know if they exist in the real world. Maybe only in a fantasy world. So, I had to create one.”


Women in flower necklace

Nature-inspired and fantastical, we invite you to explore the surreal, inspired, and innovative world that is shaping fashion in new ways.

“We combined floral prints with transparent fabric so they appear to be floating, giving the wearer a feeling of freedom.”


Women in flower skirt and pink net top

"I want my designs to evoke a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world."


From striking organza dresses to 3D flower accessories, our co-lab is a testament to the power of imagination.