& Other Stories and The Line Up presents Streetside Stories

In honour of International Women’s Day, we present Streetside Stories – a series of portraits celebrating the power of women’s stories and the force of self-expression.  

Join us on the busy streets of New York City as we meet women who inspire to embrace our authentic selves, as captured by street-style photographer Anka Itskovich of The Line Up. 

All clothing worn by talents is exclusively their own.

Created together with Anka Itskovich, our interview series Streetside Stories showcases the inspiring expressions and experiences of women on the streets of New York. 

Since 2013, Anka’s unique perspective and keen eye for style have made her street-style project The Line Up a source of inspiration for thousands of fashion enthusiasts and creatives worldwide. In a shared commitment to champion creative self-expression, Streetside Stories is our joint celebration of the power of every woman's story.

Stay tuned on our Instagram at @andotherstories as we share new chapters of Streetside Stories leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8.

Announcing our partnership supporting UN Women’s Second Chance Education Programme in India

On International Women’s Day 2024, we proudly announce our partnership with UN Women Sweden in support of the UN Women’s Second Chance Education Programme (SCE) in India. This partnership underscores our commitment to promoting gender equality and supporting initiatives that empower women worldwide.   

UN Women’s SCE programme in India provides new educational pathways and employment opportunities to women marginalised by crisis, poverty, and oppressive social norms.    

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